Swindon Youth Partnership handbook

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A Future for Swindon Youth Partnership? (2008)

In 2007, with the withdrawal of Swindon Borough Council funding and the subsequent difficulties in sustaining services to members,Swindon Youth Partnership commissioned research to inform its decision-making about the future direction of the organisation.

The subsequent report, in 2008, evaluated the actual and potential role of the Partnership in the context of the voluntary and community sector in general and the youth sector in particular.  It looked into:

  • The role of the Voluntary and Community Youth Sector (VCYS) nationally and its historical background
  • The wider Government Agenda for youth services
  • The VCYS in Swindon and other parts of the country
  • Lessons for SYP from its previous experiences

Using a wide range of research methods including 1 to 1 interviews with representatives of 30 voluntary and community groups working with young people in Swindon the report concluded that:

“the voluntary and community youth sector is under – represented in the policy development and planning processes for children and young people’s services and within the voluntary and community sector itself. There is a place for a membership-led forum for groups to specifically focus on youth issues…

“there is an unknown number of hard-to-reach youth-focussed groups which have difficulty accessing information or guidance and would benefit from peer support…

“the VCYS receives a disproportionately small portion of SBC and other grants available locally”

In recommending a positive future role it recognised the value of a locally based membership-led Youth Partnership in Swindon working closely with regional and local network groups to deliver an integrated support service to the sector.

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